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Naum Shooters
Naum Shooters

How to Play Autumn Leaves on Piano: Pdf Sheet Music 31 with Chords and Lyrics

so, what do i think of this recording? well, it is a great example of using the beautiful piano work of tom brechtlein to really expand the sound of the song. brechtlein and patitucci can really play a song, as can most other piano duos, but this recording really opens it up with some extra instruments, and the large choir. but, also, i think its really great that they each have such a distinct personality. patitucci is ultra-cool and hip. he plays with style. he and brechtlein play as a team. it takes a lot of skill to be both hip and accessible. i think its cool that they are able to do this. its also a testament to how well-respected musicians and educators are in the rutgers jazz archive and the center for jazz studies at the university. steve grossman is a great bassist who uses his instrument and playing to really expand the sound of this recording. its also cool that patitucci plays in the dave douglas quintet. i don't have any of their music, but i do know that they are a wonderful rhythm section. they really played a very strong groove. steve gadds, on the other hand, was a little more adventurous in the feel of his playing. he played with a lot of freedom and a lot of variation. this is a different experience with gadds than with the other members of the recording. it was great listening to his playing. i also appreciate how much he was able to expand the sound of this recording, and the other instruments. ed blackwell had a similar experience with his playing, but i also enjoyed listening to his sound on this recording. they were all working in a similar but different way, and it was great to hear the experience that they had playing together.

Autumn Leaves Piano Score Pdf 31


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