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Jelles Marble League

Marble LeagueInaugural SeasonMarble League 2016Current ChampionPinkiesCurrent SeasonMarble League 2022The Marble League (formerly known as the MarbleLympics) is an annual tournament where marbles from different teams compete against each other in a number of different sports events. It is run by Jelle Bakker with Jelle's Marble Runs. The JMRC previously aided in the running of the competition before disbandment, with the JMA taking their place. So far, there have been six Marble Leagues and a one-off Marble League Winter Special. All competitors are 16 mm in diameter.[1]

Jelles Marble League


The Marble League was started in 2016. It grew out of the Knikkegen Marble League, a marble sports competition started by Jelle Bakker. In 2013 the KML grew in popularity due to appearing in a viral TV featurette about the growing popularity of marble sports tournaments. The next year the KML received applications from around the world, most of which Jelle had to decline. The growing popularity of the KML attracted the attention of Greg Woods who ran the Fruit Circuit. In late 2014, Woods met Jelle and they began planning an expansion to the KML that would add an international league. In 2015 this plan was expanded further to the entire tournament, becoming Marble League 2016.[2]

This was the first Marble League Showdown with 8 events and a different scoring system. The Kobalts won the Showdown again, followed by Pinkies and Team Primary. Furthermore, the bottom four teams were not disqualified from the 2022 qualifiers as there are four new marble teams being added in the future.

Jelle's Marble Runs is a YouTube channel based in the Netherlands centered on marbles, marble runs and marble races. It is run by the brothers Jelle and Dion Bakker. The channel spoofs the Olympic Games, Formula One, and other sporting events with marbles and treats the cast of marbles as though they were athletes.[1][2] Fans participate in this elaborate kayfabe by acting as though the inanimate marbles use actual tactics, training, and psychology to compete.

Jelle's Marble Runs has built a following personifying marbles throughout a variety of competitions. Each video is produced in the form of a sporting event with commentary provided by Greg Woods.[6] The channel features annual series such as the Marble League, the Marble Rally, Marbula One, and the Hubelino Tournament. Additionally, Jelle produces seasonal Halloween and Christmas content, as well as one-off events such as the A-Maze-ing Marble Race. Interspersed between the competition videos, Jelle releases a wide variety of marble runs without commentary exhibiting his marble course constructions (some of which are on display in museums).

Jelle Bakker was born in 1983 in Wervershoof, Netherlands. He has stated that he has a form of autism, and said that because he has no occupation, making marble machines was one of his biggest hobbies.[7] He currently lives in Wervershoof, which is also where his videos are produced.[8]

In 2006, Bakker created the first version of the Jelle's Marble Runs YouTube channel.[9][10] He received the Guinness World Record for the world's longest marble run on May 21, 2009, a record that he held until 2011.[11] Greg Woods, an early fan of the channel, produced a commentary on his own for one of the marble race videos. Bakker liked the video so much that he ended up partnering with Woods, who became the English-language commentator for the entire series. Jelle founded the first marble race event, The Sand Marble Rally, with Greg Woods as commentator.[12][13]

The channel soon started gaining attention and a fanbase in 2015, Jelle's brother Dion came up with the idea to make more marble races instead of marble runs and founded The MarbleLympics in 2016 as a mock version of the Olympic Games.[14] Originally, Bakker planned to end the MarbleLympics series after the 2017 MarbleLympics. "The MarbleLympics will end in early August with an ending ceremony", he said in an interview by The Irish News, "but I will still continue in making great marbles-related videos." However, he continued the series due to popularity.

The Marble League (formerly the MarbleLympics until 2019) is an annual series featuring marbles competing in Olympics-inspired events. Sixteen teams compete against each other to win medals across multiple events, including balancing, hurdles, and funnel endurance. Points are awarded to teams based on their final event placements alongside medals for the top three event finishers. The champions of the Marble League are crowned based on the total cumulative points from all events in a single edition. Top-ranked teams, usually those in the top three, automatically qualify for the next Marble League championship and, starting from 2018, a team will be chosen to host the next Marble League edition, granting them an automatic qualification for the championship. A pre-tournament qualifying event determines which remaining teams will be allowed to compete in the League each year.

The Marble Rally (formerly known as the Sand Marble Rally) is a series of off-road marble races, where individual marbles race against each other down a rough terrain course, usually sand, that has been manually constructed. The courses feature a variety of obstacles that impede competing marbles on their way to the finish line. Marbles used for the Marble Rally are larger than marbles used for the Marble League, with a diameter of 25mm compared to the Marble League's 16mm marbles.[citation needed] Starting from the 2017 edition, top-ranked marbles automatically qualify for the next year's Marble Rally championship.

Marbula One is a series of circuit-based marble races, where marbles race multiple laps around a racetrack made of Quercetti Big Marbledrome tracks with custom paper stock add-ons, as well as a conveyor belt that returns all marbles back to the top. As its name suggests, this series is directly inspired by the Formula One motor racing championship. Each race event in this series is referred to as Grand Prix, and includes a qualifying session to determine who will qualify for the main race event, as well as the starting grid.

The first edition of Marbula One premiered in February 2020, shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic. Sixteen teams from the Marble League were invited to compete in the inaugural edition, which consisted of eight events. The qualifying session for this edition was a simple single-round session, with each marble given one flying lap to complete. The points system for this edition was also adopted directly from Formula One, including a bonus point for setting the fastest lap time during the main race event.

Each subsequent edition of Marbula One introduces new features, the most recent being thematic features for each racerack, while also making changes to the existing features, with different qualifying formats and championship points systems for each edition. The third edition introduced a redesigned starting grid and conveyor belt to allow for up to 20 marbles to participate in each race.

Marble ManiaX is a series of extreme sports marble competition, featuring a number of structures built from various materials, including K'Nex. This series was introduced in late 2021, and a total of eight teams participated in this tournament series, including three classic Marble League teams.

The Hubelino Tournament was a tournament series contested on courses constructed with Hubelino marble tracks and using 20mm marbles. The tournament consisted of multiple events run on Hubelino marble tracks, including funnel endurance, which was eventually added to the Marble League. This series was discontinued after the 2018 edition.

On the other hand, if Jelle selectively chose which take to upload to YouTube in order to advance a narrative, I would have expected there to be a positive correlation in Figure 5. If Jelle wanted to create an illusion that particular marbles were better than others, he would likely choose for whole teams to be skilled, as opposed to some arbitrary collection of individual marbles.

Jelle's Marble Runs is the world's premier marble sports YouTube channel, and is the home of several marble "sporting events" such as the Sand Marble Rally, Hubelino Tournament, Marbula One, and most notably, the MarbleLeague, formerly called the MarbleLympics.

These videos usually feature racing and sports competitions between several teams, made up of marbles of a common color theme. For instance, the Pinkies are monochromatic pink marbles, the Rojo Rollers are red, and so on, while the commentator Greg Woods presents them as if they were actual athletes, assigning personality to each marble and reacting to events as if they were actual people. No results are predetermined.

After years of steady growth, the league saw an exponential spike in interest as the coronavirus crisis caused global sports cancellations and left fans looking for something to watch from home. The Greenstone Grand Prix, the most recent race in the 2020 Marbula One circuit, premiered on March 15th with a record of more than 11,700 live viewers.

The league plans to continue with its two weekly uploads through the end of the current Marbula One season. Once a champion is crowned, Jelle hopes to prepare the studio for the upcoming Marble League 2020 season, which will begin in May/June.

These marbles are a swirl of teal and silver/white. They are the host of this tournament, which may have a considerable effect on their performance. Marble racing is hard on the nerves in a normal situation, and the excitement of a debut race only adds to the energy. Team Purity might have an edge racing on their home courses, settling in more easily. Coached by Poncho, this team contains the marbles Pierce (Captain), Puri, Pura, Puro, and Perry.

As intimidating as these all white marbles look, the released footage suggests they may struggle to perform. Only time will tell if their chic exteriors will pay off. Coached by Maurice, this team contains the marbles Mike (Captain), Micky, Michael, Mikey, and Michelle. 041b061a72


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