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Blade And Soul Command List __TOP__

I've been compiling a list since I'd like to know the text commands, myself, and I haven't been able to find one anywhere. Some of the commands don't seem to match their descriptions, though, so I haven't been able to figure some out (or maybe they just don't exist).

Blade And Soul Command List

I've been compiling a list since I'd like to know the text commands, myself, and I haven't been able to find one anywhere. Some of the commands don't seem to match their descriptions, though, so I haven't been able to figure some out (or maybe they just don't exist). Here's the current list, in order as they appear on the emote hotbar:

Massive update to my list since I found out you can trigger emotes with normal chat messages. Like if you tell someone "Hello, how are you?" the word "hello" will trigger the /bow emote or "Kiss my butt" will trigger the /kiss emote, etc. I also added /tease and /sad. I'm still missing quite a few commands and triggers, though. (Damn you, "cheers up" and "exasperated"! Tell me the secret of your commands!) Anyway, have fun!

Released in 2009 for the Sony PSP, Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny is the first portable installment of the Soulcalibur series. It uses many of the features used in Soulcalibur IV, such as the soul crush, armor destruction, critical finishers, and Character Creation, and also brings in some new features such as new lighting effects for stages that correspond to different times of day, and the new Gauntlet Story mode. The game's features are similar to Soulcalibur IV, including its customization features, but it introduced a new character named Dampierre, a conman who wears twin blades on his wrists. In addition, Kratos from the God of War franchise appears as a guest character. Broken Destiny received very positive reviews.

In 1553, a Spanish pirate, Cervantes de Leon stole Soul Edge from a dealer's ship, but gradually became corrupted by its spirit until it devoured his soul, influencing him to terrorize the world for over twenty years. This terror made several warriors to venture out and stop him, including a female ninja, Taki, who wanted to destroy Soul Edge for having corrupted her master, and a German rebel, Siegfried Schtauffen, who desperately wanted to blame someone for his accidental murder of his father. Eventually, a Greek warrior, Sophitia Alexandra, confronted and managed to destroy one of Cervantes' blades, but the battle was eventually ended by Taki, who managed to slay Cervantes. Siegfried then came to check Soul Edge, but he became possessed by the release of the "Evil Seed" and turned into the monstrous Nightmare. The Evil Seed event had major impact to the world, including several people going insane, and Nightmare replaced Cervantes in terrorizing the world, wanting to recover the lost Soul Edge fragments. Three years later, Nightmare had prepared for the ritual to complete Soul Edge, but three warriors from Asia, Chai Xianghua, Kilik, and Maxi stormed his castle, the Ostrheinsburg, and managed to defeat Nightmare, with Soul Edge's spirit (Inferno) being shattered by Xianghua's blade, which was revealed to be the lost Soul Calibur. Though Siegfried temporarily regained his sanity, he became possessed again shortly after, as did Soul Calibur, which succumbed to the darkness of Inferno.

In order to improve the efficiency of this process and take advantage of the capabilities of our supported platforms, the Render Thread now serves as a frontend that enqueues platform-agnostic graphical commands into the renderer's command list. Then, a new thread, the RHI Thread, translates (executes) them via the appropriate graphics API on the backend. This separation enables independent backend parallelization on platforms that support it, such as game consoles, DX12, and Vulkan. In general, anything generated in parallel on the frontend is translated in parallel on the backend.

There are certain commands which are carried out without the use of the command list system, such as Lock and Unlock operations. These commands are issued by the Render Thread directly. In these cases, the Engine will either flush the RHI Thread and wait for the operations to finish, or it will copy the data and queue it. This is implemented differently depending on the operation and the platform.

If set to 1, will completely disable command list generation and make the renderer behave like it originally did, directly calling the RHI commands on the Render Thread without a command list. Note that this will be ignored unless the RHI Thread is disabled.

Targeted commands are used with a player-> prefix to affect the player character. But any "actor" (NPC or creature) or object can be targeted that way by using an "ID"-> prefix, giving the person or object's in-game ID, though many commands have no function with non-lifeforms and/or non-containers. Another way to target an object (especially a non-unique one, which cannot precisely be addressed by prefix) is to click on it while in the console. The title of the console window will change to the object selected, and any targeted command without prefix will now apply to it. Some commands that should work with a prefix on unique NPCs will not, and require the Console-click technique. A complete listing of targeted commands can be found at the function list.

These global shortcuts do appear in "Tools->Customize...->Keyboard". FreeCAD's GUI lists shortcuts by "Category", but this Wiki page lists shortcuts by "workbench" first. FreeCAD's GUI puts some commands, like "Export Page as SVG" in the file "category", but that command is actually from the TechDraw "Workbench".

Abyssal Blade - item_abyssal_blade Aegis of the Immortal - item_aegis Drum of Endurance - item_ancient_janggo Arcane Boots - item_arcane_boots Armlet of Mordiggian - item_armlet Assault Cuirass - item_assault Skull Basher - item_basher Belt of Strength - item_belt_of_strength Battle Fury - item_bfury Black King Bar - item_black_king_bar Blade Mail - item_blade_mail Blade of Alacrity - item_blade_of_alacrity Blades of Attack - item_blades_of_attack Blink Dagger - item_blink Bloodstone - item_bloodstone Boots of Speed - item_boots Band of Elvenskin - item_boots_of_elves Bottle - item_bottle Bracer - item_bracer Iron Branch - item_branches Broadsword - item_broadsword Buckler - item_buckler Butterfly - item_butterfly Chainmail - item_chainmail Cheese - item_cheese Circlet - item_circlet Clarity - item_clarity Claymore - item_claymore Cloak - item_cloak Animal Courier - item_courier Eul's Scepter of Divinity - item_cyclone Dagon - item_dagon Dagon upgrade (level 2-5) - item_dagon_2 Demon Edge - item_demon_edge Desolator - item_desolator Diffusal Blade - item_diffusal_blade Dust of Appearance - item_dust Eaglesong - item_eagle Energy Booster - item_energy_booster Ethereal Blade - item_ethereal_blade Healing Salve - item_flask Flying Courier - item_flying_courier Force Staff - item_force_staff Gauntlets of Strength - item_gauntlets Gem of True Sight - item_gem Ghost Scepter - item_ghost Gloves of Haste - item_gloves Daedalus - item_greater_crit Hand of Midas - item_hand_of_midas Kaya - item_trident Nullifier - item_nullifier Divine Rapier - item_rapier Spirit Vessel - item_spirit_vessel Aeon Disk - item_combo_breaker Meteor Hammer - item_meteor_hammer Heart of Tarrasque - item_heart Heaven's Halberd - item_heavens_halberd Helm of Iron Will - item_helm_of_iron_will Helm of the Dominator - item_helm_of_the_dominator Hood of Defiance - item_hood_of_defiance Hyperstone - item_hyperstone Shadow Blade - item_invis_sword Javelin - item_javelin Crystalys - item_lesser_crit Morbid Mask - item_lifesteal Maelstrom - item_maelstrom Magic Stick - item_magic_stick Magic Wand - item_magic_wand Manta Style - item_manta Mantle of Intelligence - item_mantle Mask of Madness - item_mask_of_madness Medallion of Courage - item_medallion_of_courage Mekansm - item_mekansm Mithril Hammer - item_mithril_hammer Mjollnir - item_mjollnir Monkey King Bar - item_monkey_king_bar Mystic Staff - item_mystic_staff Necronomicon - item_necronomicon Necronomicon upgrade (level 2-3) - item_necronomicon_2 Null Talisman - item_null_talisman Oblivion Staff - item_oblivion_staff Ogre Club - item_ogre_axe Orb of Venom - item_orb_of_venom Orchid Malevolence - item_orchid Perseverance - item_pers Phase Boots - item_phase_boots Pipe of Insight - item_pipe Platemail - item_platemail Point Booster - item_point_booster Power Treads - item_power_treads Quarterstaff - item_quarterstaff Quelling Blade - item_quelling_blade Radiance - item_radiance Reaver - item_reaver Refresher Orb - item_refresher Sacred Relic - item_relic Ring of Aquila - item_ring_of_aquila Ring of Basilius - item_ring_of_basilius Ring of Health - item_ring_of_health Ring of Protection - item_ring_of_protection Ring of Regen - item_ring_of_regen Robe of the Magi - item_robe Rod of Atos - item_rod_of_atos Sange - item_sange Sange and Yasha - item_sange_and_yasha Satanic - item_satanic Scythe of Vyse - item_sheepstick Shiva's Guard - item_shivas_guard Eye of Skadi - item_skadi Slippers of Agility - item_slippers Smoke of Deceit - item_smoke_of_deceit Sage's Mask - item_sobi_mask Shadow Amulet - item_shadow_amulet Soul Booster - item_soul_booster Soul Ring - item_soul_ring Linken's Sphere - item_sphere Staff of Wizardry - item_staff_of_wizardry Stout Shield - item_stout_shield Talisman of Evasion - item_talisman_of_evasion Tango - item_tango Tango single - item_tango_single Town Portal Scroll - item_tpscroll Tranquil Boots - item_tranquil_boots Boots of Travel - item_travel_boots Ultimate Orb - item_ulti Aghanim's Scepter - item_ultimate_scepter Urn of Shadows - item_urn_of_shadows Vanguard - item_vanguard Veil of Discord - item_veil_of_discord Vitality Booster - item_vitality_booster Vladmir's Offering - item_vladmir Void Stone - item_void_stone Observer Ward - item_ward_observer Sentry Ward - item_ward_sentry Wraith Band - item_wraith_band Yasha - item_yasha Crimson Guard - item_crimson_guard


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