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Off The Menu ((FULL))

Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster is a food and comedy podcast featuring Ed Gamble and James Acaster, in which guests are invited to select their dream menu by both comedians.[1] Off Menu was launched in December 2018 and was nominated for the 2019 British Podcast Awards in the Best Entertainment category.[2] As of April 2021, the podcast has been downloaded over 50 million times.[3]

Off the Menu

A wide range of guests have 'eaten at the dream restaurant', including comedians, chefs and other figures.[7][8] Ed and James chose their own menus as part of a special episode to celebrate 100 episodes of the show.[3] A list of episodes, guests and menus is maintained on the official Reddit page of the podcast.[9]

"I like the mystique of it. It's the secret that's not so secret," says Stephanie Gagnard, the daughter of La Fonda's founder Lee Bob Cox. "And I like that we have fried chicken. I like that we're known for fried chicken. And I like that it's not displayed on the menu."

Sometimes, off-menu items are former menu items that have been cut. Other times, off-menu items are customer creations that gain popularity when other customers see the entree being served at another table. Then there are the seasonal items that are so popular they never make it on the menu at some restaurants, and there's the rare dish that's so difficult to make that only one person in the restaurant is privy to the process.

Fried chicken was on one of the earliest versions of the menu at La Fonda, which opened in 1957. Cox even opened a local fast-food restaurant called Yankee Doodle in the late '60s to serve some of La Fonda's most popular menu items: fried chicken, tacos and enchiladas. But as La Fonda became busier, Cox opted to close Yankee Doodle a few years later to expand La Fonda.

"The restaurant doesn't create the menu," he says. "The customers are the ones who build an off-the-menu selection. We have regulars here who have their way of doing things. Nothing ever dies. If it was on the menu once, we will make it, so we have more than 57 years of off-menu items really."

There's the spicy cat, an entree of spicy, fried catfish topped with shrimp and crabmeat etouffee. There's the Joe salad, named for regular customer, Joe Dupuis, who orders a simple chopped salad with tomatoes, olives, boiled egg and cheese when he's "watching his girlish figure." There's the hamburger Pontchartrain , a hamburger steak with grilled vegetables and a spicy Don's sauce. There's the shrimp scampi pizza, one of the restaurant's newest off-menu creations.

This favorite fine dining restaurant is known for its regular off-menu specials, many of which are fresh fish dishes that are available most of the year but don't make it on the menu due to their sometimes limited availability.

Veal occhiata is a dish Blanchard won a gold medal for 25 years ago in the Acadiana Culinary Classic competition. While it has never been on the menu at his restaurant, customers regularly order the dish.

"The only way people know about the menu items is through social media," says the restaurant's owner Shawn Broaddus. "Keeping up with us on Facebook and Instagram is the way you'll find out about it."

"It allows you to have more fun at work when you have off-menu items," Broaddus says. "It breaks the monotony of making the same burgers every day, and it allows our regulars to get something different."

"The reason why it's an off-menu item is because it's a pricier item," says Courtney Vincent, a partner of the restaurant. "It's $24 for the seared foie gras appetizer, and one of the things we're sensitive to as new owners is coming down on price in some areas."

Pioneered by In-N-Out Burger, the not-so-secret secret menu offerings at popular and hip hamburger joints have become more popular and garnered fans all over the country. SmashBurger, the Colorado-based chain with locations all over the country - and some abroad- has three such secret menu items.

No one likes to see one of their favorite foods disappear from menus, but in the case of KFC's popcorn chicken, that food item is not actually going away completely, despite several claims to the contrary. To paraphrase Mark Twain, reports of popcorn chicken's demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Reports in several news outlets claimed that popcorn chicken was being eliminated from KFC menus; What was missing from these reports was the word "combo." The popcorn chicken combo is indeed now gone, according to USA Today, but KFC's famous bowls (which come topped with popcorn chicken) will continue to be a staple menu offering.

The burger slinger confirmed this week that its U.S. test of the McPlant burger has come to an end as planned, and there are no indications that additional testing or a nationwide rollout are on the horizon. While early tests at a handful of locations in 2021 seemed to have been successful enough to warrant an expanded test at 600 restaurants this year, it seems that the plant-based burger wasn't selling well enough to continue its tenure on the menu.

The chain's cautious approach to the plant-based fast-food trend was highlighted by McDonald's CEO Chris Kempczinski in an interview with The New York Times last year, where he called the chain's menu "Darwinian" (aka whatever sells massive volumes gets to stay on the menu).

"The way I approach the job today is: whatever the customer wants to buy," he said. "If they want to buy plant-based and they want to buy enough of it, I could make my whole menu plant-based. If they want to be able to buy a burger, we'll sell a burger."

An off-canvas menu, also called a flyout or side panel, is a section of your website that appears from the side of the screen when it is triggered by an action on the page. Typically, the trigger is the click of a button. However, it can also be activated by an icon, image, or text.

There are several reasons why you might want to use an off-canvas menu. You can display a secondary menu that sits to the side of your page. It can even act as the sole navigation panel for your website.

The Off-Canvas module found in the premium version of UABB allows you to design a flyout panel that can be triggered with either a button, text, image, icon, or through any other module. In addition to menus, you can use them to display content, saved rows, saved modules, or saved page templates.

Finally, check to see that your off-canvas menu is working as expected. From the front end of your site, click to activate the trigger that you set. In this case, a button, and should open up the flyout panel over the side of your page.

#HackTheMenu is your one-stop resource for all Secret Menu items at all fast food restaurants. Secret Menus at restaurants are comprised of unofficial and unadvertised selections that fast food chains will make when ordered but that do not exist on their regular menus. While some secret menu items were created by the restaurants themselves, most of the secret items were invented by customers and passed on by word-of-mouth. Here at #HackTheMenu we leverage the knowledge of the community and are dedicated to providing you with details, recipes and prices about the most interesting and tasty secret menu items available at all of your favorite fast food restaurants. Customers learn by word of mouth and we're spreading that word just a little bit further.

From "Animal Style Fries" available exclusively at In-N-Out Burger and the "Orange Dream Machine" available only on the secret Jamba Juice menu all the way to the "Quesarito" from Chipotle's secret menu, #HackTheMenu is your best friend. There are hundreds of other items available just for the asking from many other restaurants. As the list of secret menus keeps growing, we will update and report on all new items to keep you in secret menu heaven. So, if you hear of one that we don't have listed, feel free to contact us. In the meantime, we also have the regular menus from each of these restaurants along with their nutrition information.

If you were hoping to take advantage of a cheaper, "off-menu" Tesla model, you may be out of luck. That's because lower-priced, off-menu versions of the Model 3 sedan and Model Y crossover have been discontinued. Here's a look at when these EVs were dropped and what this means if you're looking for a deal.

If you want to feel like a regular, order the Chuy Gooey when dining at the Tex-Mex chain. Filled with beans, meat, and queso, the dip is topped with pico de gallo, salsa, and sour cream. Despite not being on the menu, staffers can attest that the Chuy Gooey is still a frequently ordered item.

This off-menu dish combines two bar food favorites: nachos and tater tots. The Tachos takes the form of a mountain of tots smothered with all the nacho essentials, like queso, sour cream, and jalapeños. This is a hearty one.

The steps required to change the menu sounds will differ depending on the year your TV was manufactured. Follow the steps that correspond to your TV's manufacture date or model number. Find out more about Samsung TV model numbers and what they mean. 041b061a72


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