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Buy More Data Verizon Prepaid ##BEST##

My data is nearly used up and I will b eon the road when it is completely used up. I would like to add more now so that I do not have to pull off the road to login and add more data to my plan. The website is very poorly designed and of it is possible to do this I can't find where it is. Please do not tell me to call the CS line like you have everyone else who has asked similar questions. If so please state that this is the only way to add more data to a plan/account as I don't have the availability to sit on hold for 40 minutes... Thanks

buy more data verizon prepaid


To monitor data usage, you can view your usage in My Verizon, or call #DATA from your prepaid phone.Note: You can also get your account balance in My Verizon or by using this # feature.

Yes, we'll text you before your high-speed data runs out and you're automatically switched to slower speeds.*High-speed data will automatically return at the start of your next bill cycle.Note: If you're on a prepaid unlimited data plan, you won't be notified if your data speeds are reduced due to network congestion. Your high-speed data will automatically return as soon as you're no longer in a congested area.*Speeds up to 128 kbps (2G speeds) on phone lines. Speeds up to 3 Mbps on 5G Ultra Wideband and 600 Kbps on 5G Nationwide / 4G LTE on data-only lines.

You can change your mobile number for your prepaid device in My Verizon.Note: You can change your number up to 3 times in one day and a maximum of 5 times in a 30-day period.Visit our Change Mobile Number FAQs for more information.

Yes, you can move your Verizon prepaid phone to a different wireless carrier.If you purchased a Phone-in-a-Box prepaid phone, certain restrictions apply. Please refer to our Device Unlocking Policy for more information.

I am new to this Verizon community, and only registered so I could see if a) anyone else was having these shady, dishonest issues with their data plans or if b) Verizon was willing to do anything about it other than lie some more.

Three days later on February 11th, I received more messages that I was out of data AGAIN. I had (supposedly) used up three gigs of data in three days. This was nuts. What was I doing differently? Was I listening to too much music? Should I listen to it in offline mode?

You don't have to have changed your usage habits to use more data than previously. The application developers update and change their applications all the time. One or more of them could have changed how they access or use data. For example, a few years ago an application I had installed on my phone suddenly with through 10 GB in during my billing cycle. I only discovered it because I was semi regularly checking my phone's on board data counter to see just how much data I was using each month. The previous billing cycle that same application had used maybe one GB of cellular data. I immediately reported the problem to the developer. Within the next month or so, the developer had issued a new update to correct the issue which was the application was ignoring the setting to use Wi-Fi only to report the data it was collecting. After the update, the application went back to normal usage and I never saw the 10+ GB spikes from that application again.

When you get a hotspot, you also need hotspot data to provide a Wi-Fi connection. Many cell phone plans come with a little hotspot data for your phone. But if you use a hotspot regularly, we recommend getting a mobile hotspot device with a separate data plan for a better deal and more flexibility.

As with the leading carriers, there are periods when the prepaid players offer deals. Boost Mobile used to run a promo for new customers that let you get three lines with unlimited talk, text and data for $90 per month ($30 per line) after "your first payment of $100." It has since added a new unlimited plan that is $25 per month for new users, though each line must be separate and cannot be grouped on a family plan.

Called Simply Unlimited, the plan runs $25 per line per month with three lines and drops to $20 per month if you have four or more lines. It now includes 35GB of high-speed data plus talk, text and data in Canada and Mexico. The plan also now offers 5GB of hotspot data, though that is a "hard" cap where the hotspot feature stops after 5GB is used, as opposed to the data slowing.

The difference becomes even more pronounced when looking for multiple lines. Four lines at Cricket with this plan runs $130 per month ($32.50 per line) while Metro charges $150 per month ($37.50 per line). Both plans include unlimited talk, text and data, though Metro does include 5GB more hotspot data per line, per month.

Getting 10GB of 4G LTE/5G monthly data is $20 per month at Mint when purchased in 12-month increments for new users. After that, you can buy three more months at $35 per month ($105 total), six months at $25 per month ($150 total) or another year at $20 per month ($240 total).

The perk with the AT&T and Tracfone plans is that any unused data carries over to the next month. For the latter, if you're looking for a prepaid provider on Verizon it's hard to top what amounts to a monthly rate of $16.58.

The best Verizon phone plans are especially appealing right now if you plan on keeping your own phone. Under a limited time promotion, Verizon is offering discounts between $5 to $14 on its various unlimited plans when you bring your own device. Even better for families, that discount applies to each line of data that brings its own phone. The deal doesn't apply to Verizon's prepaid plans, which is a shame since those prepaid options help you save money in other ways. (You can also snap up some decent discounts with our Verizon promo codes, so it's worth taking a look at them before you proceed through the checkout.)

Verizon 15GB prepaid $35 - Best prepaid option at Verizon (opens in new tab)Verizon's prepaid plans cram a lot of data in for the price, making it one of the best prepaid phone plans out there. The best option gets you 15GB of data for $45 a month but if you set up AutoPay, that price drops to $35 after the first month of payments. Signing up for autopay means you no longer get Verizon's loyalty discounts for keeping your prepaid account open at Verizon, but the autopay discount is steeper than it was before.

If you live in an area that's covered by Verizon's 5G network and want to experience faster coverage, unlimited data is the best Verizon plan to get. Complete 5G coverage comes with the Play More, Do More and Get More unlimited plans, as well as with Verizon's prepaid unlimited plan and the new One Unlimited for iPhone option. 5G Start and Welcome Unlimited customers only get nationwide 5G coverage, not the faster Ultra Wideband service.

Finding the best Verizon phone plan for your wireless needs involves choosing between unlimited data or turning to the tiered data options from Verizon's prepaid service. (Verizon offered 5GB and 10GB plans for postpaid customers, but those are now discontinued for new accounts.)

If you have one of our more recent postpaid plans from the last few years (all Magenta plans, T-Mobile Essentials, all ONE Plan, or a Simple Choice plan activated on or after November 15, 2015 - both voice and mobile Internet), then you have 200 MB of domestic roaming data per billing cycle.

We have multiple iPads on post-paid 5GB data plans in our business account with Verizon. They're a mixture of 3rd and 4th generation iPads as well as a few mini's. Almost all of them at some point have shown the following message: "Cellular Data Plan Usage - There is no data remaining on your current plan. Would you like to add more data now? If you don't add now, you can do it later in settings." The user will call or email me and I'll check their line and they always have plenty of data left for the cycle. I've called Verizon and they just tell me to power cycle the iPads which does clear the message but it will come back at some point. Since this is Verizon's only response when I've called about it, is there any way to get this cleared up for good that they possibly don't know of? Thanks.

According to Verizon and the words in quotes are theirs, "some" iPads have a problem where they revert to thinking they are on a prepaid instead of a regular data plan. The problem is "under review" with Apple and Verizon is waiting on Apple to come up with a solution. No time frame given, only option is the shut down and restart work around.

I suppose this "bug" might cause unknowing users to take the message at face value and purchase more data not knowing they still have data remaining. I'm not surprised Verizon is in no hurry to get this fixed.

For the record, I'm on an AT&T prepaid plan and this has happened to me. It gives me the message that I'm out of data and do I want to purchase more. I touch no and it shuts off my cellular data. This when I have 2.5 GB left on a 3 GB month.

I would encourage everyone with this problem to open an Applecare ticket and also call Apple corporate and ask for someone above normal customer relations. They will tell you they have to cantact an engineer and they will get back to you in two to three days. You will get the stock answer of three solutions which are the same work arounds you have already been using, moving to a prepaid data plan which will cost at least $50 a month more from Verizzon or have Verizon put you on an unlimited data plan which they do not have.

Data top-ups can be added to certain connected devices to provide an additional 2GB, 5GB, or 10GB of high-speed data. Customers may choose to top up their existing data plan on a month-by-month basis or as a recurring monthly add-on. For more information about Data top-ups, ask your support team or contact customer care at 888-863-8768.

The Verizon Prepaid Smartphone Plan from Verizon Wireless is an individual prepaid cell phone plan offered by Verizon that offers unlimited anytime minutes and unlimited text messaging. This plan also offers 500 MB, 3 GB, 7 GB, 10 GB, or Unlimited Data usage for email, browsing the web, downloads, video, and more. 041b061a72


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